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Here you will find the largest collection of Georgia Tech football ticket stubs andĀ full tickets available for viewing on the web. Furthermore, no tickets are scans from other online users. I own every ticket that you see pictured, as well as many duplicates. Please use the Collection menu to navigate through decades and seasons as you wish.

The Bowl Ticket Collection is complete. You can see an image of tickets from every Georgia Tech bowl game here.

As I acquire new stubs, I will add them to the site as soon as possible. Additionally, I will update each stub with a brief game synopsis and result as I have time. Please let me know if you come across any errors while viewing a specific page.

Please visit the Wanted Tickets page to view a list of tickets that I’m actively seeking. I currently have a limited number of non-Georgia Tech tickets that I’m willing to part with, so feel free to inquire if you’d like to purchase or trade.


Recent updates
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